Tuition companies should contact us to discuss their advertising requirements and obtain a quote.

The advertising charges mentioned below for self-employed tutors for 2008 will be waived provided that

  • the advertisement is placed before the end of this month and
  • the listing is to be in only one suburb.

Self-employed tutors can choose paid or free advertising. The free advertising is limited to name, suburb and one subject. People will be able to contact you by email via a form on the site.

If you want more information displayed on the site then the charges for 2008 are as follows:

Charge for 2008
Each additional subject
Each additional suburb
Phone, mobile and fax numbers and street address
Web site address
Additional text (Anything mentioned above will be charged for separately if it appears in the text.)


If you request a paid advertisement then you will receive an invoice which should be paid within seven days (Otherwise, your advertisement is likely to be removed). Allow fourteen days for your advertisement to appear.

To request paid advertising of your tuition services, please complete and submit the form below. Asterisks indicate compulsory entries. There must be an entry in either the first “Subject” box or the “Other subjects” box. Entries in other fields will be ignored if you are requesting a free advertisement. If you request a paid advertisement then it will be assumed that you want everything on the form where there is no asterisk to be displayed in your advertisement.


Type of advertisement: Free   Paid
Email Address:*
Phone number or numbers to be used to contact you if there is any problem with the above email address:*
Suburb: Enter “Not applicable” if the town has no suburbs. Tutors in rural areas should enter “RD1”, “RD2”, etc.*
Additional suburbs in which you would like to be listed
City or town:*
Web site:
Text to add to advertisement:
Any special requests
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